This is a very common question that I get asked often.  This thing to consider first is I am a practitioner of said medicine, so of course my answer is yes!  As a longtime patient of acupuncture I would also have to agree with myself, but at one point I had the same questions, and the best answer I can give is for you to try and see for yourself.  Most Acupuncture clinics are priced very fair, so that we can reach many people in need while still being able to pay off our student loans! 

I look back on my schooldays, when I was learning all about this craft.  I had so many small illnesses come up due to lack of sleep or over thinking.  My immune system was put through the ringer on account of the long hours I was putting in.  I remember specifically sitting in an herbal class with a massive headache, I didn’t know it at the time but I had a severe cedar allergy and it was peak season.  I was sure I could feel a sinus infection slowly creeping its way into my system until it hit me, I am in an herbal class with a master professor, why don’t I just ask her what I can do.  I was advised to go to the herbal clinic and pick up a specific formula (Herbalogic, EasyBreather).  After my quick acquisition and purchase of said formula I downed it immediately.  After about 5 minutes I could feel my head begin to clear.  My first thought was, wow this is a good brand, my second thought was, this medicine is awesome!  Grant it, I was already sold on Traditional Chinese medicine but this experience sealed the deal for me.  When a simple formula can undue all the damage done by cedar fever I was totally on board! 

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